Our in-house maintenance staff is available to residents Monday – Friday, 9:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. for the affordable rate of $36 per hour (minimum charge of 15 minutes) to help with minor repairs (see below for a partial list). If it is beyond the scope of our expertise, we’ll be happy to recommend someone! Our on-call maintenance staff is also available at all other times for EMERGENCIES. Simply call 513-871-0100 to place a work order with the Office staff during normal business hours, or for emergencies.

• Minor appliance repairs and replacements.
• Clean under the refrigerator.
• Hang art work and other items.
• Plumbing repairs and replacement such as drains and fixtures.
• Installation (hookup) of electronic equipment (stereo, DVD player,
computer, TV and HDTV).
• Hang and install light fixtures, dimmer controls, switches and electrical
outlets, lamp repairs and install light bulbs in those hard to reach places.
• Humidifier cleaning and service.
• Hang and install window treatments.
• Caulk and seal countertops and tile.
• Turn and rotate mattresses